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In this video, you’ll learn about: The skills you’ll develop when you work at Camp Ramaquois The benefits of being a camp counselor or lifeguard What it’s like working at camp What current and former staff members say about their experience at Ramaquois

Transcription Jared Hi. Welcome back for this week’s video. It’s so great to be here for everybody, and we always love to communicate with our families and our staff. I’m Jared. And with me, as always is Jackie, how are you doing today, Jackie? Jackie I’m doing great. Thanks, Jared....

Video Transcript Jared Welcome back for this week’s video. We’re so excited to talk to you once again. I’m Jared. I’m here with Jackie. How are you doing today, Jackie? I think we should point out to everybody where we’re standing. So right behind us, you’ll see a little bit,...

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