Boys Entering 10th Grade

CAP Boys

Boys’ Side, known as The Pride, is the home for our boys entering 10th grade. Campers are encouraged to take pride in their effort, show sportsmanship, be supportive, and take healthy risks. CAP Boys spend half the day as campers and the other half interning with Ramaquois staff members.

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Boys’ Side

The Pride of Camp Ramaquois

I cannot begin to express the wonderful atmosphere of Ramaquois. This past summer was my first, and certainly won’t be my last. It was amazing to see my campers learn new things and smile everyday. I’ve found my second home.


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Campers regularly insist that their CAP summer is their best summer ever!!

CAP Program

Our Counselor Apprentice Program is a leadership training initiative that allows our oldest campers to enjoy everything they love about being a camper, while also helping them become our next generation of leaders. As counselor interns in the morning, the CAPs rotate to different groups in camp and receive hands-on training about how to become a great counselor. In the afternoon, the CAPs are campers and travel as a group through a scheduled program of athletic, cultural arts and water activities. CAPs also participate in our optional trip program.

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Boys’ Side Director

Scott Kornberg

Boys’ Side provides endless opportunities for campers to try new things and challenge themselves in athletics, crafts, adventure activities, cultural experiences, and even in the Dining Hall. Ultimately, the boys learn to inspire others, make friends, and develop empathy. The Boys’ Side experience provides authentic connections and teaches campers that kindness and courage are extremely valuable qualities that help them become better people.

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A Day in the Life of a CAP Boy

Sample Schedule

The CAP Boys spend three periods per day interning as a staff member. The balance of the day is spent as a camper, where the boys participate in a variety of activities together. CAP Boys have an elective period each day, allowing them to pursue a passion at camp.

The daily program is supplemented by exciting special events and optional trips, making each day at Ramaquois truly unique!

Every day at Ramaquois is different, click here to view a different schedule!
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Optional Adventure Trip Program

A New Adventure Awaits!

Our older campers can choose from a menu of several different day and overnight trips. Popular destinations include amusement parks, Broadway shows, college visits, white water rafting and much more! Our pre-teens and teens bond during trips led by our experienced administrators and wonderful counselor role-models. Safety is our top priority - so we always have a very low camper to staff ratio on each trip.

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The grandest of all Ramaquois traditions, RamaGames, is our authentic Color War/Olympic experience at the end of each summer!
Ramaquois Traditions

An Authentic Camp Experience, Since 1922

Ramaquois traditions help make our camp a special community. Time-honored traditions include Legends’ Ceremonies, Song & Cheer, Moving Up Ceremonies, RamaGames and many more. Our traditions celebrate milestones, bond campers together, and connect our generations. Like everything else at Ramaquois, our traditions are more meaningful because we do them together.

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