Girls Entering Nursery School (3 & 4 Year Olds)


Girls entering nursery school are part of the Junior Camp community – the side of camp affectionately called “The Champs”. Junior Camp provides the perfect “home base” for our youngest campers to experience everything Ramaquois has to offer in a nurturing environment. Junior Camp staff focus on helping the campers make new friends, develop independence and encourage the campers to try new things. We intentionally keep our group sizes small so that each child receives lots of individual attention. Staff assigned to the Robins choose to work with our three and four year old girls. They are excited to have a positive impact on the first camp experience for these young children.

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Junior Camp

A Home for Our Youngest Campers

It was such a gift to see Ella so happy, excited and proud to show us around, share her activities and “places” on campus, and introduce us to her counselors (that she idolizes)! They were each super friendly, kind, energetic. We are grateful that Ella has warm, engaging and positive role models to look up to each day.

Joanna G. • Camp Parent

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Junior Camp Director

Lynn Wolf

Campers thrive in Junior Camp because of our patient, mature and nurturing staff, appropriately-sized facilities, and emphasis on being a good friend. Our staff is extensively trained, and our program is intentionally designed to encourage each group of campers to become a family. It is wonderful to see our Junior Campers grow over the course of one short summer!

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A Day in the Life of a Robin

Sample Schedule

It’s such a thrill to see our youngest campers experience everything that Ramaquois has to offer! The Robins’ program, for 3 & 4 year olds, is designed to be well balanced. Each day features instructional swim, free swim, lunch and a balance between athletic and non-athletic activities. Their daily program is supplemented by exciting special events, making each day at Ramaquois truly unique!

Every day at Ramaquois is different, click here to view a different schedule!
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For Ramaquois Staff, It’s More Than Just a Summer Job

The Best Counselors

The Robins’ counselors are intentionally selected and carefully screened to work with our youngest campers. Each Robins group has at least three counselors, including an adult staff member. Additionally, an experienced Division Leader oversees all of the Robins groups. In Junior Camp, we focus on hiring staff that are mature, patient, empathetic, and positive role models.

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Each child has his or her own cubby, and every camper's bunk has bathrooms - little things that go a long way to making a child feel comfortable in a new place.

Like a Home Away From Home

Junior Campers thrive at Ramaquois because of big things like top-notch swim instruction and awesome special events. But sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference in the world. Our dedicated counselors re-apply sunscreen and encourage campers to drink water and use the bathroom. They encourage picky eaters to try new foods, and are vigilant about dietary restrictions.

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We post hundreds of photos on our Parents Only website each day. Junior Camp even posts a daily video! Think of it as a way to relive the camp day with your child!
Parents are also a part of the Ramaquois community!

A Place for Parents!

It can be difficult to get your child to tell you about everything that happened at camp. That’s why you have a dedicated point person - a Division Leader, to keep you up to date on everything that’s happening at camp. We’ll call and email about the good stuff!

Sending your child to camp should be easy! That’s why our camp vans stop directly in front of your home. We provide clean towels for every water activity. Plus, our campers wear Ramaquois shirts - for safety, camaraderie, and to make it easier for parents!

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