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First Year Ramaquois Success Team

Our team will make your child feel at home at Ramaquois

Members of the First Year Ramaquois Success Team work together to help new campers and families acclimate to their new environment.

  • Counselors: Our staff is trained to look at the camp experience through the lens of a first year camper. Most of our counselors are former campers, and many can vividly remember their first summer at Ramaquois, which helps them connect with the first year camper experience.
  • 1st Year Camper Director: Ramaquois has a dedicated administrator whose sole job is to monitor how new campers are acclimating to camp. The 1st Year Camper Director works closely with division leaders and counselors to ensure a positive experience for our first year campers.
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Parent Communication Director

Susan Sahn

As your family joins with ours, we are committed to building a year-long relationship. Ramaquois prides itself on creating strong parent partnerships through ongoing communication. Susan started at Ramaquois over 25 years ago as Head of our Tennis Program, was promoted to Division Leader of our seven year old girls, and eventually became Girls’ Side Director. Susan is available all year-round and serves as our Parent Communication Director. She loves partnering with parents to help create the best possible summer for their children. Do you have any questions about sending your child to Ramaquois for the first time? Susan would love to connect with you!

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  • Division Leader: A division leader oversees all campers in a specific age group. He or she is the liaison between parents, campers and staff. Division leaders communicate with parents, develop rapport with campers, and provide support and guidance to counselors.
  • Campers: The most critical part of our team are the campers themselves. At Ramaquois, we are fortunate to have developed a welcoming culture. Our campers take great pride in going out of their way to be a good friend to first year campers. Our counselors set the example, and our campers follow their lead. This, more than anything, has been the secret to our success.
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We wanted to take a moment to thank you for making our daughter’s first summer incredible. As the summer progressed, she came home each day with a bigger smile and more wonderful stories of her day.

Mark & Beth • Parents

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