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Ramaquois activities are carefully selected and designed to meet our camp’s mission and goals. They must also be FUN!


The Ramaquois program is designed to be age appropriate for every camper. Each year, new activities and options are added. We run a traditional camp program with a blend of athletic and non-athletic activities. As campers get older, they have more opportunities to customize their camp experience by choosing one elective period per day.

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Adventure activities teach our campers to overcome obstacles, be resilient, work as a team and appreciate the outdoors.


At athletic activities, our campers acquire new skills, exercise, and most importantly learn sportsmanship and the value of being a good teammate.

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Crafts & Culture

Craft activities provide our campers with a fun way to express their individuality. Our craft specialists encourage and celebrate the creativity of our campers!

Cultural activities are a chance for campers to show off their unique talents, follow their passion, try something different, and embrace new ideas (while having fun!)

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Lake & Water

Our Lake & Water activities give campers an opportunity to grow by developing individual skills and providing a sense of adventure.

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Through our Adventure Trip Program, campers entering grades 3 – 10 have the option to travel to new places, try different experiences, and form strong bonds with their friends.


All of our programs and activities are designed to promote a strong sense of community among our campers. Our goal is for campers to truly feel like Ramaquois is their second home, and their friends and counselors are part of their family.

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Kidz Zone

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Crafts: Summer at camp is a good time for children's creativity to run wild. Our workshop programs are designed to help children unleash their imagination and foster their self expression.

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Cultural Activities: Camp is a great place to try new things! Our cultural activities are designed to counter athletics in order to provide campers with a well-balanced, traditional camp program.

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Adventure: The adventure program fosters maturity, responsibility and social growth in our campers. Our ropes courses, climbing wall, zip lines, archery, campfire (for S'Mores and stories!) and pioneering programs provide Ramaquois campers with opportunities to be successful in new ways.

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Adventure: The adventure program fosters maturity, responsibility and social growth in our campers. Our ropes courses, climbing wall, zip lines, archery, campfire (for S'Mores and stories!) and pioneering programs provide Ramaquois campers with opportunities to be successful in new ways.

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Athletics: Our campers are exposed to a variety of sports and skills, along with games that are "just for fun." Through sports and fun, we can create a program that is designed to help each camper believe in themselves and reach their full potential.

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Special Events: Very special events add variety to the regular camp program. Special events can be divisional spirit events, all camp carnivals, Jr. Camp Snow Day, RamaGames and much more!

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9 pools, all with a water temperature of 84 degrees.

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Air-conditioned, knotty-pined bunks

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Junior-sized instructional pool.

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Bumper boats

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Climbing wall and challenge course

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Hockey rink

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The "Rama-Pit" campfire site

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Gymnastics & Athletics Pavilion and gymnastics equipment including pommel horses, uneven bars and a tumble track.

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Zip line over "Rama Lake"

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Nature science center, including a petting zoo and fishing dock.

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"Water Works" Spray Park

Ramaquois by the Numbers

Camp Ramaquois is located on 44 scenic acres, set majestically against the Ramapo Mountains and Harriman State Park. There are over 50 buildings on the campus, including air-conditioned facilities such as the gymnasium, movie theater, workshops, craft areas and dining hall. We also have group bunks, complete with bathrooms and cubbies for personal belongings.

The best thing about Ramaquois was that as I got older, the program always changed so that it was new and exciting! I started when I was 4, and stayed until I was 15 and I never got bored! Best summers ever!!!

Rob • Alumnus

In the middle of our property you’ll find the 5 acre “Rama Lake,” used for our incredible watercrafts program. Lake resources include a “bongo” water trampoline, bumper boats, water bikes, paddle boards, inner tubes, “water-duckies”, fountain sprays, kayaks and a professional team of lifeguards. Surrounding the lake are sports fields, including 9 softball fields, 6 tennis courts, 4 basketball courts, 2 hockey rinks, 2 grass volleyball courts, 3 soccer fields, a wiffleball court, a bonzo ball wall, 5 Ga-Ga courts and 6 pickleball courts.

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