Girls Entering 4th Grade


Girls who are entering 4th grade are excited to be part of Girls’ Side, known as the “Spirit” of Ramaquois. Girls are encouraged to celebrate their individuality and support each other. The Debs always bring so much spirit to Girls’ Side! Deb girls cheer, sing and participate fully in all sorts of activities including athletics, crafts, science, performing arts and much more!

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Girls’ Side

The Spirit of Camp Ramaquois

Ramaquois has taught Sydney confidence, team building and goal setting. It has taught her about taking chances, trying new sports and to laugh and sing. Sydney is everything to us and Ramaquois is everything to her. Thank you for this beautiful gift you have given us. We have every intention to return year after year! Ramaquois is not only part of our conversation and hearts in the summer but year round.


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Girls’ Side Director

Kacey Zucker

We challenge Girls’ Side campers in athletic, creative, and social ways while feeling supported; these opportunities allow them to take healthy risks, develop self-esteem, increase their competencies, and build confidence in themselves. Girls’ Side is a kind and respectful community that offers its campers real experiences and authentic connections.

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A Day in the Life of a Deb

Sample Schedule

The Debs program is action packed!. Each day features two water activities, lunch and a balance of athletic and non-athletic activities. Each day, the Debs have an elective period, allowing them to pursue a passion at camp.

The daily program is supplemented by exciting special events, making each day at Ramaquois truly unique!

Every day at Ramaquois is different, click here to view a different schedule!
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Optional Adventure Trip Program

A New Adventure Awaits!

Campers entering 3rd grade and older are ready for some new adventures! Our optional trip program lets campers choose from several exciting day trips. Historically, Ramaquois has visited amusement parks, Broadway shows, baseball games and many other exciting venues! Campers entering 6th grade and older are offered overnight trips. All of our trips feature very low staff to camper ratios - safety is always our top priority. The best part of a Ramaquois trip is bonding with new and old friends during unique experiences!

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Each child is thoughtfully placed in a small camp group with three counselors. The group does all of their activities together, resulting in strong friendships.

You Belong at Ramaquois

Children often feel pressure to “fit in.” This can lead to children attempting to change who they are to be more like their peer group. At Ramaquois, campers are encouraged to be who they are. We celebrate each child’s uniqueness. When a child feels a sense of belonging, the pressure to “fit in” disappears - that is the magic of the Ramaquois community.

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The Best Role Models

For Ramaquois Staff, It’s More Than Just a Summer Job

Our Girls’ Side staff members do a terrific job of leading our girls to be confident in their abilities to break many stereotypes and stigmas. Staff members are thoughtful and respectful of each camper’s uniqueness. Counselors have the ability to lead with confidence and competence, which allows the campers to become the best versions of themselves.

About Our Staff

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