Boys Entering 1st Grade


Boys entering 1st Grade are part of the Junior Camp community – the side of camp affectionately called “The Champs.” The Pioneers relish their role as the oldest boys in Junior Camp! The Pioneers still benefit from the nurturing environment of Junior Camp, while engaged in a program designed to prepare the campers to be on Boys’ Side the following summer. The Pioneers participate in a non-competitive all-sports league which builds community and focuses on teamwork and sportsmanship, not final scores.

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Junior Camp

A Home for Our Youngest Campers

Just a quick note to thank you for the most incredible 6 weeks of Jack’s life! We have never seen Jack so happy EVER! We are truly grateful to Camp Ramaquois. Not only did Jack pass his deep water challenge but he gained a confidence socially like we didn’t know was possible. I am forever grateful!

Michelle • Mother

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Junior Camp Director

Laurie Selfon

Campers thrive in Junior Camp because of our patient, mature and nurturing staff, appropriately-sized facilities, and emphasis on being a good friend. Our staff is extensively trained, and our program is intentionally designed to encourage each group of campers to become a family. It is wonderful to see our Junior Campers grow over the course of one short summer!

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A Day in the Life of a Pioneer

Sample Schedule

It’s such a thrill to see our Junior Campers experience everything that Ramaquois has to offer! The Pioneers’ program is designed to be well-balanced. Each day features instructional swim, free swim, lunch and a balance between athletic and non-athletic activities. Their daily program is supplemented by exciting special events, making each day at Ramaquois truly unique!

Every day at Ramaquois is different, click here to view a different schedule!
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With a five acre lake and nine heated pools of varying depths, there is plenty of room for campers to “spread their fins.”
Learning to Swim

We View Swimming as a Critical Life Skill

Our goal is to help each camper improve his or her comfort level in the water and improve his or her individual swimming skills. Ramaquois swim groups feature very low camper-to-swim instructor ratios. Our campers have swim instruction every morning and free swim every afternoon. We are always so proud of how much each camper improves in just one summer! Learn more about our lake and pools

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Each child has his or her own cubby, and every camper's bunk has bathrooms - little things that go a long way to making a child feel comfortable in a new place.

Like a Home Away From Home

Junior Campers thrive at Ramaquois because of big things like top-notch swim instruction and awesome special events. But sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference in the world. Our dedicated counselors re-apply sunscreen and encourage campers to drink water and use the bathroom. They encourage picky eaters to try new foods, and are vigilant about dietary restrictions.

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All Ramaquois vehicles are late-model, air-conditioned vehicles driven by career school bus drivers and staffed by Ramaquois counselors.
Ramaquois Transportation

The Bus Ride is Safe and Fun

Stepping onto a school bus for the first time can be a huge leap of faith! The Ramaquois transportation program is run in the safest, most convenient, and most fun way possible. All of our routes feature the newest vehicles, career school bus drivers, Ramaquois bus counselors, seat belts for all campers and safety harnesses for our youngest campers. Parents appreciate our true door-to-door transportation service; and campers love our innovative “Fun on the Bus” program. Each camp bus becomes its own family!

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