Boys Entering 2nd Grade


Boys’ Side, known as The Pride, is the home for our boys entering 2nd grade and above. Campers are encouraged to take pride in their effort, show sportsmanship, be supportive, and take healthy risks. The Rangers are our youngest and most energetic Boys’ Side campers, and they’re so excited to be a part of the “older” kids program with so many terrific role models in older campers and staff. They demonstrate a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for everything they do. Rangers really enjoy getting a taste of an option/elective program one period every few days.

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Boys’ Side

The Pride of Camp Ramaquois

Anyone who sends their child to Ramaquois will know after ONE day that it is so much more than a camp. It is like a second home to these kids and the people who work there are more than counselors and division leaders, etc. They are special people who are one of the major reasons that these kids come home smiling and can’t wait for the next camp day.

Danielle • Mother

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Boys’ Side Director

Scott Kornberg

Boys’ Side provides endless opportunities for campers to try new things and challenge themselves in athletics, crafts, adventure activities, cultural experiences, and even in the Dining Hall. Ultimately, the boys learn to inspire others, make friends, and develop empathy. The Boys’ Side experience provides authentic connections and teaches campers that kindness and courage are extremely valuable qualities that help them become better people.

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A Day in the Life of a Ranger

Sample Schedule

The youngest campers on Boys’ Side experience a great variety of activities. Each day features instructional swim, free swim, lunch and a balance of athletic and non-athletic activities. Several times per week, the Rangers have an elective program, allowing them to pursue a passion at camp.

The daily program is supplemented by exciting special events, making each day at Ramaquois truly unique!

Every day at Ramaquois is different, click here to view a different schedule!
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All Ramaquois vehicles are late-model, air-conditioned vehicles driven by career school bus drivers and staffed by Ramaquois counselors.
Ramaquois Transportation

The Bus Ride is Safe and Fun

Stepping onto a school bus for the first time can be a huge leap of faith! The Ramaquois transportation program is run in the safest, most convenient, and most fun way possible. All of our routes feature the newest vehicles, career school bus drivers, Ramaquois bus counselors, seat belts for all campers and safety harnesses for our youngest campers. Parents appreciate our true door-to-door transportation service; and campers love our innovative “Fun on the Bus” program. Each camp bus becomes its own family!

Learn More About Ramaquois Transportation

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The Best Role Models

For Ramaquois Staff, It’s More Than Just a Summer Job

Our Boys’ Side staff members lead by example by demonstrating warmth, caring and kindness for each camper. Counselors teach campers, through athletics, creative and cultural activities, and adventure learning, that taking pride in one’s effort is the best way to separate excellence from mediocrity. By focusing on “pride,” staff members teach our boys how to build great relationships and develop lifelong friendships.

About Our Staff
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With a five acre lake and nine heated pools of varying depths, there is plenty of room for campers to “spread their fins.”
Learning to Swim

We View Swimming as a Critical Life Skill

Our goal is to help each camper improve his or her comfort level in the water and improve his or her individual swimming skills. Ramaquois swim groups feature very low camper-to-swim instructor ratios. Our campers have swim instruction every morning and free swim every afternoon. We are always so proud of how much each camper improves in just one summer! Learn more about our lake and pools

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