Boys Entering 4th Grade


Boys’ Side, known as The Pride, is the home for our boys entering 4th grade. Campers are encouraged to take pride in their effort, show sportsmanship, be supportive, and take healthy risks. Musketeers have a robust program with some more advanced activities like archery and woodworking, softball league, basketball tournaments, and a larger variety of Trail Blazer trip options. They are tireless and exuberant, and Musketeers are the first campers to demonstrate leadership as role models to our younger Boys’ Side campers.

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Boys’ Side

The Pride of Camp Ramaquois

Daniel has truly enjoyed every minute of camp this year and we are so sad it is ending. It is amazing to see him have the friendships he has with his group! I appreciate all that you do for him and we are looking forward to another great summer next year.

Stacie • Mother

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Boys’ Side Director

Scott Kornberg

Boys’ Side provides endless opportunities for campers to try new things and challenge themselves in athletics, crafts, adventure activities, cultural experiences, and even in the Dining Hall. Ultimately, the boys learn to inspire others, make friends, and develop empathy. The Boys’ Side experience provides authentic connections and teaches campers that kindness and courage are extremely valuable qualities that help them become better people.

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A Day in the Life of a Musketeer

Sample Schedule

Musketeers experience a great variety of activities. Each day features instructional swim, free swim, lunch and a balance of athletic and non-athletic activities. The Musketeers have an elective program, allowing them to pursue a passion at camp.

The daily program is supplemented by exciting special events, making each day at Ramaquois truly unique!

Every day at Ramaquois is different, click here to view a different schedule!
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Optional Adventure Trip Program

A New Adventure Awaits!

Campers entering 3rd grade and older are ready for some new adventures! Our optional trip program lets campers choose from several exciting day trips. Historically, Ramaquois has visited amusement parks, Broadway shows, baseball games and many other exciting venues! Campers entering 5th grade and older are offered overnight trips. All of our trips feature very low camper-to-staff ratios - safety is always our top priority. The best part of a Ramaquois trip is bonding with new and old friends during unique experiences!

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Each child is thoughtfully placed in a small camp group with three counselors. The group does all of their activities together, resulting in strong friendships.

You Belong at Ramaquois

Children often feel pressure to “fit in.” This can lead to children attempting to change who they are to be more like their peer group. At Ramaquois, campers are encouraged to be who they are. We celebrate each child’s uniqueness. When a child feels a sense of belonging, the pressure to “fit in” disappears - that is the magic of the Ramaquois community.

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The Best Role Models

For Ramaquois Staff, It’s More Than Just a Summer Job

Our Boys’ Side staff members lead by example by demonstrating warmth, caring and kindness for each camper. Counselors teach campers, through athletics, creative and cultural activities, and adventure learning, that taking pride in one’s effort is the best way to separate excellence from mediocrity. By focusing on “pride,” staff members teach our boys how to build great relationships and develop lifelong friendships.

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