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Lake & Pools

Rama-Lake at Sunrise
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1 lake, 1 splash park

9 Pools.

Learning to Swim

Learning how to swim is a critical life skill. At Ramaquois, teaching children to be comfortable, confident and competent in water is a top priority. Nine heated pools and over 70 Red Cross Certified swim instructors allow campers plenty of room to develop their skills in an extremely small group setting. Working with the same instructor every day helps the camper develop trust - a critical component for beginning swimmers.

Individual Attention Makes All the Difference

Yesterday, Ashton showed us all the growth he’s made in the pool — he was like a little fish! After just a few days of swim instruction he has totally changed.

Jena • Parent

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Our instructional swim program is supplemented by daily general swims.

Water Activities

Campers 9 years old and younger have two water activities per day.

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Discovery on the Lake

The Ramaquois Lake provides campers with an opportunity to “spread their fins” and challenge themselves in a safe, yet exhilarating, setting. Campers can choose from bumper boats, pedal boats, kayaks, canoes and surf-bikes. The lake also features a trampoline, water slide, obstacle course and much more!

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Water Safety

Safety is always our number one priority. All campers and staff wear life jackets in the lake. Certified Red Cross Lifeguards oversee campers from posts on the beach and in kayaks throughout the lake.

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