When I Think of Summer…

This is an open letter from a longtime camper and counselor to the campers on Girls’ Side at the end of summer 2015. We are so lucky to have Samantha Schnapper as a part of the Ramaquois family! Enjoy!

When I think of summer time I always think of Ramaquois. Ramaquois is my summer home; a place where I have grown up. It is a place where we leave our worries behind and truly live in the moment. We dress up, throw glitter on our faces, dance our heart out and do not care what people think. It is a place where we do not have to worry about school work and the stress of the school year. It is solely a place where we show our spirit and truly get to be a kid.

I was lucky enough to spend 10 summers as a camper making endless memories with my friends. Overnights and song & cheer are some of my stand out times here as a camper. Seeing all of you sit before me, I see that you all are creating these same memories. For example how excited you all got for the Hersey Park overnight with all the candy and food you brought for the one night. My friends and I did the same thing, we brought our own cookie cake. Younger girls: look forward to the overnights they are a blast. Or the way you girls get excited for teen late night and then have sleepovers with all your camp friends!! These are the memories that you girls will have forever!!!

As summer 2015 comes to a close I can truly say that my best memories here at camp have been as a counselor. As a counselor I have been able to make unforgettable memories and friendships with so many of you campers sitting in front of me. We have been able to be superheroes, go to an under ground portal to find the X and go on many other adventures throughout my year. I have been able to watch you girls grow from crazy Co-Eds and Collegians into amazing young adults!! This year I have even been able to work with some of my former campers which truly has been amazing!!! Sorority girls I am so excited to see you girls become CAPs next summer, I know you will all make me proud and I hope I will be lucky enough to have some of you work with me. My Varsity girls you never cease to amaze me with your spirit and friendships!

Even though this summer I wasn’t able to have a group of my own I believe I lucked out. I was able to meet so many amazing campers that I would not have had the opportunity to have met. Teenas: thank you for always welcoming me into your groups. You girls are so much fun and I can’t wait for you all to come back next summer so we can create many more memories. C2 whenever I had days where I could float with you I always had a blast. My heart with always be with the Co-Eds and Collegians.

Whether you are a Middie or a CAP the friendships and memories here at camp are one of a kind. Just take today – dancing in the Dining Hall. Watching each group dance with their counselors was priceless.

Girls’ Side I love you so much thank you everyone for welcoming me into your groups this summer and letting me make countless memories with all of you. Have a great school year study hard try your best and remember we will all be waiting for you next summer!!

– Samantha Schnapper

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