How I Feel About Ramaquois – Roy G.

This is my 8th summer at Camp Ramaquois (I started 9 summers ago, but last summer I couldn’t make it to camp), my second summer as a counselor. My experience at Ramaquois, both as camper and as counselor, is one of the most amazing and meaningful experiences of my life.

I live in Tel Aviv, Israel during the year and come to New York for the summer. At Ramaquois, we say that we “wait 10 months for 2” and that Ramaquois is our summer home – I truly feel that way. For the past 9 years Camp Ramaquois has been my summer home and I wait 10 months every year to come to camp for 2.

My experience at camp is comprised of so many important and incredible parts – the amazing fun, learning more about myself, about teamwork and friendships and improving at different sports and activities.

Another part, one that I cherish – is being part of the Ramaquois family. I got to know so many incredible people. People that were my counselors, that are specialty and administrative staff and of course fellow campers and counselors and people that are (and were) my campers. Coming back every summer and seeing so many of the same people, coming back to the Ramaquois family is such an important and priceless experience. I got to meet people of all kinds, each one different and amazing and I am incredibly grateful that I got to meet these fantastic people.

Next summer, I won’t get to see these people, the same people that I have been seeing for years. That is because I am soon starting my mandatory Israeli military service – another special, challenging, educating and important experience. This experience is very different from past experiences in my life, it’s a completely new and different world, one that I’m excited, curious and anxious to enter. Despite entering this new world, I know that one thing will remain the same – Ramaquois as my summer home. I also know that when I get the chance, whether it be during or after my military service, my first summer stop will be Camp Ramaquois – in which I’m sure I’ll find many of the same people that I’ve been seeing for the past 9 years!

Being at Camp Ramaquois, as a camper – has made my summers fun and challenging and has allowed me to meet new amazing friends and improve immensely at sports, social activity and other skills, and as a counselor – has made my summers fun, allowed me to learn more about myself and about others, has allowed me to gain experience and skills and to meet new friends and to meet again old ones.

So THANK YOU Camp Ramaquois, and THANK YOU to all the amazing people that have been there and that made my summers and the summers of so many others incredible!!!

– Roy. G.

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