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Our carefully selected staff is comprised of former campers, college students, teachers, and professionals, who are trained to be outstanding camp role models. They sing, hug, cheer, care, nurture, listen, understand, and uphold the highest Ramaquois standards.

Ramaquois is not only a place to build memories but to build strength as a person. A place that teaches you that you can find a sense of home and family in people who you would likely never have crossed roads with.

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Camp Job vs. Internship

Deciding between working at Ramaquois and getting an internship? This blog post is for you!

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Ramaquois hires individuals for a variety of positions.

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If you feel that you have a valuable skill, but do not see it listed below, please contact Camp Ramaquois; we would love to hear from you. If you would like to apply for a job at Camp Ramaquois, please apply online.

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General Counselor

As a general counselor, you will work with a specific group of children for the entire summer. It is your responsibility to provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for campers to grow and learn. You’ll have so many opportunities to bond with campers, and participate with them in a broad range of athletics, crafts and cultural activities.

Counselors must be able and willing to participate in all activities, and care for children. Our counselors are expected to be dynamic, enthusiastic and upbeat, and to be able to communicate with their co-counselors in an effective and professional manner.

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Specialty Counselor

As a specialty counselor, you will remain in one area while different groups of campers visit your activity. You will have a chance to work with many different campers and staff members. If you have a passion for a specific craft, sport or other activity, this may be the position for you. Specialty counselors help design the activities for the program, put together supply lists for items that need to be ordered, create lesson plans with objectives and goals, and help guide the campers to meet their goals and expectations by providing direct, hands-on instruction in their respective areas.

Specialty counselors are expected to have a passion, talent and ability to teach a specific skill or activity to a group of campers. Specialty counselors are expected to be responsible and mature leaders.

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Swimming is a critical life skill for our campers. Lifeguards play an extremely important role in educating our campers, while keeping them safe when in the pool or lake. As a lifeguard, you will have the opportunity to teach campers how to swim and supervise the safety of camp swims. You will be part of a large team of lifeguards who work together at our nine heated pools or five acre lake. Lifeguards participate in daily training sessions to advance their life-saving and swim-instructing skills. Those skills are implemented when lifeguards work as swim instructors and teach swim skills to all levels of swimmers at our camp. They are also put into practice as our lifeguards work as supervisors during general swims and are expected to meet and exceed the highest safety standards for lifeguards.

Lifeguards must be LGT certified (we can help you sign up for a course). Lifeguards must possess the required skills to pass the lifeguarding course, as well as be positive role models and effective teachers of children.

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If you are an experienced teacher, or have experience as a camp administrator, you may have the opportunity to supervise staff members, and/or campers at Camp Ramaquois.

Administrators are asked to spend more time at camp, typically spending hours beyond the typical 8:30am to 4:15pm required of other staff members. They have additional responsibilities, including but not limited to communicating with campers’ parents, supervising staff members, planning programs, and/or developing curriculum for specialty areas.

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